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Fleet Holdings

Every member of the fleet can donate to fleet holdings, rank 2 and above can purchase from fleet holding stores – as long as we meet the required holding level and there are requisitions available. If for some reason you are unable to purchase – a) check your fleet level, b) check the required holding level, c) check your fleet credit and dilithium amounts and d) check the provisions in the fleet holding menu. If it is a ship, make sure you have enough fleet modules for the ship you want to buy if every other criteria is met.

Donation Types:

  • Commodities
    • Purchased with energy credits, can be replicated (made) in your inventory menu
  • Weapons / Consumables
    • Must be purchased from the proper vendor – either ground or space equipment
  • Basic Raw Materials
    • Any crafting material
  • Holding Provisions
    • Purchased with fleet credits, can be replicated (made) in your inventory menu
  • Duty Officers
    • Received through doff missions, c-store purchase, or best way: purchased from personnel officer at starbase
  • Dilithium
    • Can donate refined dilithium or fleet dilithium vouchers (received at Dilithium Mine by turning in rich dilithium claims for fleet vouchers)
  • Fleet Credits
    • Received from donating to the holdings, except holding provisions
  • Fleet Marks
    • Received from PvE queues and daily holding missions


There are currently six reputations in the console version: Omega, Iconian, Romulan, Delta, Counter-Command and Dyson. We are missing Nukara, Terran and Temporal.

Each reputation system is filled by doing PvE queues or specific missions to gain marks in each respective reputation campaign. You, in turn, use those marks, plus some energy credits and expertise to fill reputation projects. You can do a daily every 20 hours and three hourly projects every 20 hours, for a total of 3100 reputation xp per day, 6200 if you have the reputation xp bonus from a character who has already reached tier 5.

Each tier provides new gear both in it’s store and its reputation projects menu.

For more information, visit the Reputation System page on the STO Wiki

Builds – Ships

Key Factors to Keep in Mind:

  • Ship Type: i.e. Cruiser, Dreadnought, Raider, Escort, Carrier, Science or other
    • Key Parts: Turn rate, inertia, weapon location, console amounts, crew seating
  • Weapon Types: Beam Arrays, Dual Beam Arays, Omni Beam Arrays, Cannons, Turrets, Torpedoes and Mines
  • Damage Types: Antiproton, Proton, Polaron, Tetryon, Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, etc
  • Console Types: EPS, Turn Rate, Damage type boost, Crit Chance boost, Crit Severity boost, etc, Resistance boost, etc

What you want is to put weapons on your ship that a) match the ship, b) match damage type and c) match weapon type. Example:

Good: Kelvin Intel Dreadnought

  • 7 single Antiproton Beam Arrays
  • 1 Omni-directional Antiproton Beam Array

Bad: Kelvin Intel Dreadnought

  • 4 Dual Heavy Cannon – Antiproton
  • 1 Omni-directional Plasma Beam Array
  • 2 Tetryon Turrets
  • 1 single Plasma Beam Array

The good is good for several reasons – the single beam arrays work best with a ship with a lower turn rate. The damage is the same across the board, and since all beams are used, beam bridge officer skills will effect every weapons. The bad is bad for every reason I can think of: cannons on a ship that turns like it is stuck in a perpetual undine rift, beams on the back with turrets, and all the damage is different. If you must do cannons, do something like this:

Phantom Intel Escort

  • 4 Dual Heavy Plasma Cannons (front)
  • 3 Plasma Turrets (back)

Turrets and cannons share bridge officer skills, just like beams and omni’s do. For a more advanced build, swap out one turret for the kinetic cutting beam with Assimilated Module (Omega Rep weapon and console). This can be done on both cannon and beam builds, since the cutting beam is not effected by bridge officer skills such as cannon barrage or fire at will.

Once you have you weapons set right, you want to think about consoles. Damage boosting consoles are what you want in tactical – such as the Mag Regulator is you us antiproton weapons. For science, you can use this for universals or go a more advanced route and use DrainX nullifiers or amplifiers. Science specific builds may be different, so keep that in mind. In engineering, there will also probably be some universals in there, depending on what you do with science – Assimilated Module, Plasmonic Leech (KDF – eventually on the Fed side), Polymorphic Probe Array (AP console for AP builds), etc. You can also put in RCS (turn rate) or EPS… and if your lucky or rich, an RCS with EPS that has been crafted.

The overall key is to use consoles that boost the damage type and weapons you are using and make your ship do what you want it to do. If you are flying a dreadnought with single beams, you probably do not need 4 RCS consoles – IF you do, the problem is either the ship itself or the person flying it, and in the end, you will lose a lot of potential damage.

To break it down simply:

  • Dreadnoughts / Cruisers / Carriers
    • single beam arrays (all but one or two weapon spots)
    • kinetic cutting beam
    • omni-directional beam (if you don’t have seven beam arrays
  • Escorts / Raiders
    • dual beam banks OR dual heavy cannons on front
    • kinetic cutting beam (back)
    • omni-directional beams OR turrets on remaining rear weapons slots
      • Note: Omni beams if beam build, turrets if cannons
  • Science Vessels
    • Most builds show dual beam with one single beam array in front, or all dual beams. Omni’s in the back, with one being kinetic cutting beam

Good websites:

Builds – Ground


However, a lot of us are using the Delta reputation set, with the disruptor or phaser weapon as our back up, and the Advanced Herald Antiproton Beam Projector (lobi store: 50 lobi) as our primary.