Elachi S’Ateth Disruptor Turret Build

Full Build – STO Academy Skill Planner
Full Build – Google Docs

Here is the Bio-Molecular Disruptor Turret Build.

I went with Bio-Disruptors for the added radiation damage, using the two piece from the Counter-Command set for added radiation damage. The big damage dealers here though are the Plasma-Generating Amplifiers.

The reason this build works is that currently on both Holodeck (PC) as well as console (PS4/XBone) the science consoles proc on fire rate, and not on cycle. This will change once the space balancing occurs, essentially rendering turret builds ineffective as is, and maybe all together.

This build will not win any awards in Hive Space Elite, but it can and will get you a 1st place in CCA

Some things I have changed since the build video – the most notable is I have taken off Plasmonic Leach and put in the BioNeural Infusion Circuits console, as well I have upgraded my last locator.

I am using Pedal to the Medal, but you could in turn use the Anchored trait and simply sit still instead of moving around like I am in the video.

– For cool down reduction, Threatening Stance with Attrition Warfare (Specialist Specialization) is used.

Thanks to Tankia from the PC side for all of his input and help in putting this together.