Chronos Temporal Dreadnought – Build Theory Crafting

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Full Build – STO Academy
Full Build – Google Documents

This build is a complete work in progress – in fact, I haven’t even started it in game as of yet, but I plan on it real soon.

The idea is very similar to the Kelvin Intel Dreadnought build, the main difference is the extra amount of Temporal BOFF slots that can be used – which does take away some of the “normal” abilities from the Vengeance, but I think it will give it a bigger punch in the long run.

For Temporal abilities and setup – this is mainly where the build is incomplete, and the document that is linked shows that – my goal is to platy around with it and see what works best. Currently, my only “temporal” build is my Eternal Science Vessel, so we will see how this works.

As usual, there are a lot of people to thank whose brains i have picked, both on console and on PC. Once this build is finalized i will do my best to thank everyone.