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All of our builds on console have both help from existing builds from the PC version of Star Trek Online, as well as some ingenuity and adaptation for console mechanics. Some builds, such as broadside beam boats will appear to be “cookie cut” from PC builds, while some builds will look completely different. The key for the builds we post here is that if they are here, they work on console.

There are many PC players that inspire builds, and there is no desire to take credit from those whom credit is due. This list is extensive, but includes people like Oden Knight, Darth Protius, The STO Guy, P.A.L. Gaming, Timber Wolf, SOB’s Casual Corner, Yttocs Tfarc, and many more. If a build took direct inspiration from someone’s video or STOBuilds article on Reddit or from somewhere else, we will do our best to acknowledge them in our build posts. If we miss someone, we apologize and please let us know. Again, our intention is not to steal anyone’s content or ideas, our goal is to post builds that we have used and tested to the best of our ability on console.