J&J Show – STO Featured Episodes

We stream our show weekly on YouTube on Monday nights at 10pm Eastern. The shows format and plan is to only go for around 30 minutes or so, though it is possible the show may be shorter or longer depending on what we are discussing. We plan on discussing the latest news for Star Trek Online on console as well as builds and ideas that we are working on.

Episode One – STO – Introduction and Tests (2/6/2017)
Episode Two – STO – AoY & Anniversary to Consoles (2/13/2017)
Episode Three – STO –  AoY & Anniversary Impressions on Console (2/20/17)
Episode Four – STO on Console for 6 Months Next Week (2/27/17)
Episode Five – STO Still Broken – Horizon Zero Dawn (3/6/17)
Episode Six – STO Getting Fixed – Horizon Zero Dawn Review (3/13/17)
Episode Seven – STO Torpedo Boat – The Breach (3/20/17)
Episode Eight – STO Season 12 Incoming / Mass Effect: Andromeda – Thoughts So Far (3/27/17)