Mission Statement

House Stargaryen
*Winter is here… Fire and Blood are coming*

Star Trek Online Guild – PS4

  • Stargaryen Federation (Federation Fleet)
  • Klingon Fleet – Coming Soon
  • Romulan Fleet – Coming Soon

Mission Statement

Welcome to the House Stargaryen!

We are a social centric guild and gaming community. We have strong and vibrant guilds in Neverwinter on PS4, and we are now on Star Trek Online.

House Leadership

Jared Holloway – jzhnutz- Guildmaster

Honor Code

We aim to promote an atmosphere that is both responsible and fun. We recognize that people come from many different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Though you may not agree with someone’s personal feelings or lifestyle, all people will be respected for what they are, human beings. No intentional slander, racism, bigotry or hatefulness will be tolerated.

If there is any issue with any members, please inform one of the guild masters of the issue. Our goal is to solve any and all issues quickly and in a way leaving both parties satisfied. We understand that everyone will not always get along, as well as there will be people in the guild that you may not like or agree with. The House desires that we put ourselves above pettiness for the good of itself. If you have a problem with a guild master, please feel free to inform the other one. The goal is not to show favoritism, but to promote growth.

The most important thing to remember is to be honest, period. However, remember to also be thoughtful of who you are talking to as well as the subject matter. There is no need nor place for Drama in the House of Stargaryen.


All players on PS4 are welcome. To apply for membership, please note the following:

Facebook Page – Please see the pinned post and leave your PSN, character name, faction and main focus (PvE/PvP/PvX) in the comment. Also indicate that you are STO

Website – Please fill out the contact form and leave your PSN, character name, faction and main focus (PvE/PvP/PvX) in the comment

House Rules

  • Video streaming of gaming is considered the norm. If not explicitly stated, please assume that a guild member may be streaming while in chat or group. If you do not want to be in a stream, please note that in chat at the time or in a message to a guild master. For those not wanting to be involved in a video stream, we will be posting a list.
    • Note: as a guild, we promote streaming of game play, both for personal and guild use/promotion.
  • As noted on the House Code, atypical behavior will not be tolerated. First offense will warrant a warning, second you will be removed from the guild. To reiterate, be mindful of others in chat or on Facebook, be respectful. We understand that video games incite emotions, but please keep foul language to a minimum as much as possible. This is both for members in chat as well as those who may be streaming online.
    • Note: Severe infractions may result in immediate removal without warning by a guild administrator
  • Grouping / Recruitment – There are no current rules per se towards grouping with players outside of the guild, though we do encourage members to look for people wanting to do the same content as you within the guild first. Currently, only the guild masters are allowed to accept people into the guild. In the future, others will be designated.
  • The most important rule of all… have fun and be helpful whenever you can!