Star Trek Online Getting Patch – J&J Show (Ep. 6)

JZH Gaming

So, it appears STO is on PS4 and Xbox One is getting patched today, along with getting The Breach Event later on this week.

Couple of highlights:

  • Temporal Transponder will be fixed… really interested to see this!
  • Turn rate will be fixed (finally… again)
  • Bio-Neural Warhead will actually function properly
  • Get ability to turn off ship visuals (thank the space barbie gods!)
  • Temporary Hit Point meter has been added… curious about this
  • Swapping uniforms from command window added… let’s see if tailor has been fixed in anyways as well
  • Delphic Antiproton Weapons have been fixed concerning Beam Overload… wait… what?!?!?
  • Fixed Invincibility Trait to work with Continuity from Temporal Spec… wait… what again?!?!?!

Delphic AP weapons and Invincibility are not in game… Delphic AP comes from the Sphere Builder lock box and the Invincibility trait comes from the Lobi ship the Zahl… so does this mean, like the…

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STO – Turret Fun – Crystalline Cataclysm Adv.

On a whim, coming back to STO after a 12 day vacation into the lands of Horizon Zero Dawn, I decided to lazily through some turrets on the T6 Keldon and give her a whirl.

Build Details: (I will post pics/vid at a later date)

Weapons: 7 Fleet AP Turrets (Mk XII UR) – crtd + dmgx3 / Kinetic Cutting Beam

Eng – Assimilated Module, Timeline Stabilizer, Polymorphic Probe Array, Bio-Neural Infusions Circuits
Sci – Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Amplifiers – EPG (x3)
Tac – Vulnerability Locators – +AP (x3)

The rest of the build is similar to my cruiser layouts. I did not change my space traits from my Kelvin Intel Dreadnought build, nor my Starship traits, however, I have added Enhanced Feedback Pulse with being able to buy the fifth trait slot now.

Instead of FAW I ran Scatter Volley II – I don’t have III (not a cannon guy) and I am tempted to try it with Rapid Fire II/III – but again, not a cannon guy so I’ll have to research it a bit.

This build was far from being serious – I essentially bought seven turrets and threw them on the Keldon, made sure I had a cannon BOFF skill slotted instead of a beam one. I didn’t change out any active DOFFs or anything else, so, it could actually be a lot better then it is.


JZH Gaming – State of Nutz

JZH Gaming

Good day to everyone!

I wanted to run down what JZH Gaming has been up to and where everything is headed so far. If you follow me on YouTube, you will know that I and those who I play with have been heavily focused on Star Trek Online for PS4. This will still be the case moving forward, but with a few caveats.

First – STO is the “primary” focus, however, I will not be putting in the grind like I have been over the past 5-6 months. I will still be posting builds, still be running Hive Onslaught on Elite, and others as well, but I, and others like me, have gotten to the point where we essentially have everything we need and can get to compete at the highest levels in STO on PS4. our 6 minute Hive Space Elite run is proof of that, as well…

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STO – T6 Flag Ships – Stats & More

Official Announcement

Official Ship Stats Announcement


Engineering Variants

Science Variants

Tactical Variants



STO – Ship Builds Section

We finally have a ship build section – Click Here or just look at the menu at the top of the page.

We currently have three builds up and ready to go -Kelvin Intel Dreadnought, Fleet Intel Warbird and the Eternal Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel. Like everything in STO, these builds are never final, and as we make improvements, get new stuff and as things evolve, we will keep these builds as updated as possible.

To note, we cannot parse our DPS on console, and we also cannot keybind skills, etc. So these builds may not translate to PC as well as some of the top PC builds out there. They do, however, work on console in both Advanced and Elite queues, which is our goal – to provide builds that will work on console and make you viable for queues such as Hive Onslaught Elite.

In our builds, our gear will be fully upgraded in most cases, and at worst, up to MK14 Ultra Rare – however, these builds will still work at MK 12 Very Rare and better, so do not be discouraged!

LLAP – and remember, #RTSpam

STO – The SHOW Guest – Gear Test Discussion

I was back on The SHOW this week to talk about some gravimetric torpedo tests we ran on Monday – before the big Agents of Yesterday update n Tuesday – that has possible ramifications to how we translate builds from PC over to console – note: the test wasn’t pretty: Gravimetric Torpedo Test #3.

Tankia, a SHOW regular, goes over his Drain build (which is very nice) as well as having a really nice discussion with Darth Protius on science build theory.