STO – Turret Fun – Crystalline Cataclysm Adv.

On a whim, coming back to STO after a 12 day vacation into the lands of Horizon Zero Dawn, I decided to lazily through some turrets on the T6 Keldon and give her a whirl.

Build Details: (I will post pics/vid at a later date)

Weapons: 7 Fleet AP Turrets (Mk XII UR) – crtd + dmgx3 / Kinetic Cutting Beam

Eng – Assimilated Module, Timeline Stabilizer, Polymorphic Probe Array, Bio-Neural Infusions Circuits
Sci – Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Amplifiers – EPG (x3)
Tac – Vulnerability Locators – +AP (x3)

The rest of the build is similar to my cruiser layouts. I did not change my space traits from my Kelvin Intel Dreadnought build, nor my Starship traits, however, I have added Enhanced Feedback Pulse with being able to buy the fifth trait slot now.

Instead of FAW I ran Scatter Volley II – I don’t have III (not a cannon guy) and I am tempted to try it with Rapid Fire II/III – but again, not a cannon guy so I’ll have to research it a bit.

This build was far from being serious – I essentially bought seven turrets and threw them on the Keldon, made sure I had a cannon BOFF skill slotted instead of a beam one. I didn’t change out any active DOFFs or anything else, so, it could actually be a lot better then it is.



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