STO – Hive Onslaught Elite (7 min on PS4)

An almost flawless run for Stargaryen Federation on Hive Onslaught Elite – definitely our best and quickest run so far.


  • We still do not have locator consoles from Spire, and none of us are using Spire exploiters
  • We still do not have Plasmonic Leech on the Federation side (hopefully our next lock box is Tal Shiar)
  • We had two deaths – I believe mine was from feed back pulse, but I didn’t have my combat log up. Next run we do I will so I can go back and check it.
  • Based on what I’ve been told do to counting team DPS by time of queue, we would be somewhere in the range of 300k plus TEAM DPS, which would give us an average of 60k DPS per person.
    • All of our builds are similar, though one, S’lock is built with a little more support in mind, so I’m willing to say we all did between 50-70k DPS.  If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me, we have no way to parse on console.
  • There are also other consoles we do not have yet, and most of us have not optimized our weapon load outs – yes, we all have epic or ultra rare weapons, but our mods are not the preferred ones. We are all waiting until PS4 has its next upgrade weapons to upgrade our crafted ones.

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