STO – Fleet Intel Scryer – Build (Work in Progress)


I’m a meta antiproton DPS guy… I like killing the enemy fast and efficiently. i like to see things explode. on the other hand, i like alternative build type to an extant – as long as they can be viable in the long run. i got to thinking – i have a science officer spec’d 100% in science for Probability Manipulation. i have the Federation Intel Pack. i wanted to see what I could do. So I googled, got some ideas (main inspiration will be linked at the bottom) and went to work.

The Intel and Fleet Intel Scryer Science vessels are both really interesting and good science ships. Not the best in game, in most people’s opinions, but far from inadequate. It provides good bridge officer seating, with intel BOFF capabilities, has a typical T6 science vessel weapon and console layout, and comes with a wide array of innate intelligence abilities.

The Scryer has 6 weapon spots – 3 fore and 3 aft, 3 engineering consoles spots, 5 science console spots and 2 tactical console spots. If you upgrade to the fleet version, you get a 3rd tactical console slot. It provides 1 ensign universal BOFF slot, one lieutenant tactical / intel, 1 commander science / intel, 1 lieutenant commander science and 1 lieutenant commander engineer. With this setup, it is completely possible to do a full or modified Drake duty officer build.

The idea behind my build is pretty simple. Centered around Gravity Well III with the use of Tyken’s Rift II, the build provides both good control as well as exotic damage. Currently, I am running fleet plasma beam arrays, but will eventually switch to Romulan Plasma for the disruptor perks included in those weapons.

Current Build –

Fore Weapons

  • Fleet Plasma Beam Array MkXII [CrtD] [Dmgx3]
  • Fleet Plasma Beam Array MkXII [CrtD] [Dmgx3]
  • Fleet Plasma Beam Array MkXII [CrtD] [Dmgx3]

Aft Weapons

  • Fleet Plasma Beam Array MkXII [CrtD] [Dmgx3]
  • Plasma Omni-Directional Beam Array MkXII (Crafted)
  • Fleet Plasma Beam Array MkXII [CrtD] [Dmgx3]

Shields: Sol Defense Covariant Shield
Deflector: Sol Defense Deflector
Secondary Deflector: Strategic Inhibiting Secondary Deflector – [Acc] [EPG] [SA +Dmg]
Impulse Engines: Sol Defense Impulse Engines
Warp Core: Advanced Fleet Plasma-Integrated Warp Core MkXII [Eff] [S -> W][ SSR] [WCap]

Engineering Consoles

  • Sensor Probe Swarm
  • Conductive RCS MkXII [ResA]
  • Assimilated Module

Science Consoles

  • Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Nullifer MkX – [CtrlX]
  • Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Nullifer MkX – [CtrlX]
  • Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Nullifer MkX – [CtrlX]
  • Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Nullifer MkX – [EPG]
  • Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Nullifer MkX – [EPG]

Tactical Consoles

  • Plasma Infuser MkXIV
  • Plasma Infuser MkXIV
  • Plasma Infuser MkXIV

This is not the final set up. Things that will change:

Romulan Plasma [CrtDx2] for the fleet plasma weapons (Romulan Rep)
Romulan Experimental Plasma Beam Array for one of the fleet plasma weapons (Romulan Rep)
Zero Point Conduit console for the Conductive RCS console (Romulan Rep)
Kinetic Cutting beam for the plasma omni-directional beam (Omega Rep)
Both the secondary deflector and the warp core will most likely change, and eventually sol defense will probably be swapped out for Iconian or another reputation set.
Plasma Locators for plasma infusers

Current Stats – Taken in Sol System

Bridge Officer Seating & Abilities

  • Univeral Ensign – Tactical (Romulan Operative)
    • Tactical Team 1
  • Tactical / Intelligence Lieutentant – (Romulan Operative)
    • Fire at Will 1
    • Fire at Will 2
  • Engineering Lieutenant Command
    • Emergency Power to Auxiliary 1
    • Emergency Power to Weapons 2
    • Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field 2
  • Science / Intelligence Commander
    • Hazard Emitters 1
    • Intelligence Team 2
    • Override Subsystems Safeties 3
    • Gravity Well 3
  • Science Lieutenant Commander (Pirate)
    • Polarize Hull 1
    • Science Team 2
    • Tyken’s Rift 2

Note: I will be trying out some different abilities in intel and science

Active Space Duty Officers

  • Conn Officer (evasive cool down)
  • Damage Control Engineer (Emergency power cool down)
  • Damage Control Engineer (Emergency power cool down)
  • Deflector Officer (Gravity Well cool down)
  • Deflector Officer (Gravity Well cool down)

Right now its a “mini-Drake” – once I can open up the sixth DOFF spot, i will wither put another conn officer, or another DCE or DO – haven’t decided yet.

Traits & Skills

I’m not really going to talk about traits too much – I have not unlocked all of my reputations yet, so I do not have everything that I want. i am currently going with anything that gives me beam damage, crit, less threat, exotic damage and control. The build is based primarily on control and secondarily on exotic damage. The ultimate goal is to get the crit chance / severity to around 20% / 100%, which I believe I will be able to do.

Captain skills are based on Omega Primary’s DPS Guide. The science skill point layout and explanation is close to the bottom – however, the whole post is a good and informative read, regardless of how you play.

Final Thoughts / Notes

This build is nowhere near complete, and it won’t be until our fleet opens up Spire Research Tier 3 for locator consoles and until we get our next upgrade weekend (Feb. 17 2017) here on PS4. i still need to grind out my reputations – specifically Romulan – I will have the cutting beam from Omega tomorrow. This is not a huge damage number ship – but it not only gets the job done, but it will boost your teams damage considerably, especially if you are playing with a coordinated team. On the other hand, its damage numbers as is are adequate, and it has survived Hive Onslaught on advanced, as well as Undine Assault on advanced with no issues. It has good survivability – as long as you aren’t the DPS king of your team (if you are, with this ship, I’d find another team 🙂  or simply stop PUGing).

I am still doing a lot of testing between having 5 CtrlX nullifiers  in science versus the setup I have now. I am also not a science build guy – so half the time I have no idea what I am really doing, but so far its pretty fun.

Inspiration for this build comes from this post on Reddit.


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