STO – AP Command Cruiser Build (PS4)

jzhnutz (psn) current build (note: build is primarily a broadside and tactical support build)

Build is about as far as it can go until the fleet (Stargaryen Federation) gets to Spire tier 3. I am also trying to convince myself to lose one or all of the command consoles in favor of 2-3 embassy drainX consoles, and maybe another EPS – got rid of one to put in the Bioneural Infusion Circuits for Crit severity. For those wondering, my weapon power will now drop below 100 more frequently, but generally doesn’t go below 85, meaning I’m still dishing out over 100% damage.

What I’m missing –

Romulan Superior Operative BOFF (will be available soon from fleet embassy)
Spire Consoles (currently upgrading Spire to tier 2)
Leech console – not available to Federation players on PS4 yet – just KDF – Once Leech is available, no need for EPS consoles.
CritDx3 w/ Pen on single beam arrays – my beams aren’t bad, just not spectacular. In truth, the entire build hinges on getting spire consoles eventually.

Going over my space traits with a fine tooth comb

Overall, I’m happy with the performance  – Video below is of Gateway to Gre’thor on advanced. Note, the video was made before I had completed the Iconian set and before the Bioneural Infusion Circuits console.

Build Notes:
AP beams are crafted
Kinetic Cutting Beam and Assimilated Module are from Omega Reputation
Iconian Set (4 piece: Shields, Deflector, Impulse Engine and Warp Corps are from Iconian Reputation
– Alternate: Sol Defense w/ Obelisk Warp core (if on a Romulan use a Fleet Singularity Core)
Tactical consoles are simply AP damage one – Mag Regulators, coming from drops or exchange
Bioneural Infusion Circuits comes from the Lobi store (200 lobi – comes Rare, but can be upgraded)
EPS Console come from drops or exchange
Command consoles come from the Federation Command Cruiser pack (3 ships, one console per ship)
Beam Barrage personal space trait comes from having Beams (R&D) at level 15 or higher
Nanite Trait comes from a mission reward from Midnight (last mission in Iconian War storyline – a substitute for not having Sol Defense’s nanite ability)



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