STO – Science Vessel Build

Thanks to VoidKraken (PSN) for the following build:

Since build posts are all the rage, I figured it was high time to share my Space Magic Science build! I’ve included a full guide to all components used and where to get them, and it’s compatible with a T5 Recon Science vessel if that floats your boat instead of the Multi-Mission Recon vessel I’m using right now (you lose one science console in the process, not the end of the world!).

I’ve taken kit and helpful ideas from the video that was posted of a DPS oriented science Luna recently (very helpful!), spent hours testing the configurations to get a feel for what seems to be cleaning house better or worse, and here’s where I am right now.

I give you…the Procolaron Hugboat!


Multi-Mission Reconnaisance (T5U) – Works just as well with a T5 Recon Science Vessel though!

Guiding principles
– Shields shields shields. Shields are the strength of the science ships and abilities which help recharge directly or indirectly are crucial
– Front gunned. A lot of the science abilities I use trigger to the front of the ship, making broadsiding with beams less effective as a tactic because you had to take half your guns off target to drop a Gravity Well
– Damage Type: Polaron. Polaron weapons drop the target’s power levels, limiting their abilities, shield recharge, and damage output, which is helpful no matter what you do
– Control Expertise > Exotic Particle Generator. This might seem peculiar, but my Gravity well focus means that Expertise determines the size of the well, EPG determines the damage it does. The bigger the well, the more ships end up closer to the center, so I trade off raw damage to spread that damage more widely

This is not a DPS boat, not by the traditional standards of the Joe/McFaddon “melt yer face off” escort ships, but this build survives and deals reasonably well with enemies in pretty much any advanced queue I’ve tried so far. Where it shines most is alongside those cannon builds, turning a distributed group of enemies into much more compact cluster of ships for them to murder.

Forward weapons
– 3x Protonic Polaron Cannons (Dyson Reputation Boxes)

Aft Weapons
– Chronometric Polaron Beam Array (Chronometric set 1/3, Mission: Time and Tide)
– Chronometric Polaron Omni Beam (Chronometric set 2/3, Mission: Time and Tide)
– Advanced Thoron Infused Polaron Beam Array (Delta Alliance 1/2, Delta Alliance Rep Tier 1)

Shield: Jem’Hadr Resilient Shields (Jem’Hadr set 1/2, Mission: Boldy They Rode)
Deflector: Jem’Hadr Deflector Dish (Jem’Hadr set 2/2, Mission: Operation Gamma)
Secondary Deflector: Inhibiting Secondary Deflector
Impulse: Engines: Quantum Phase Impulse Engines (Quantum Phase Applicaitons 1/1, Mission: Stormbound)
Warp: Temporal Phase Overcharged Warp Core (Krenim Temporal 1/2, Mission: Butterfly)

Engineering Consoles
Polaric Modulator (Mission: Delta Flight)
Bio-Neural Gel Pack (Delta Alliance 2/2, Delta Alliance Rep Tier 1)

Science Consoles
3x Shield Refrequencer (CtrlX)
Temporal Disentanglement Suite (Krenim Temporal 2/2, Mission: Butterfly)
Assimilated Module (Omega Adapted Borg 1/1, Task Force Omega Rep Tier 1)

Tactical Consoles:
Chronometric Capacitor (Chronometric 3/3, Mission: Time and Tide)
3x Polaron Phase Modulator

BOFF abilities:
(1) Tactical Team 1
(1) Beam: Fire At Will 1
(2) Cannon: Scatter Volley 1

(1) Engineering Team 1
(2) Auxilliary Power to Structural 1

(1) Science Team 1
(1) Science Team 1
(2) Hazard Emitters 2
(2) Transfer Shield Strength 2
(3) Tractor Beam 3
(3) Gravity Well 1
(4) Gravity Well 3

1x Gravimetric Scientist (A Purple one is available from the Eridan Belt colonization chain, because MORE WELLS!)
1x Tractor Beam Officer (drains shields when affected by a tractor beam)
3x Deflector Operator (chance to reduce cooldown on deflector based abilities because everyone loves Gravity Wells)

Traits (Space)
– Astrophysicist
– Warp Theorist
– Elusive
– Conservation of Energy
– Point Blank Shot (Mission: House Pegh)
– Photonic Capacitor
– Bulkhead Technician
– Cannon Training
– Fleet Coordinator

Starship Traits
– Standoff (bought off the Exchange for a pittance, something like 50k EC)
– The Best Defense (Mission: House Pegh)
– Unconventional Tactics (15pts spent in Strategist)
– Predictive Algorithms (15pts spent in Intelligence)

Space Reputation
– Precision (New Romulus Tier 2) OR Enhanced Rending Shots (Delta Alliance Tier 4)
– Omega Graviton Amplifier (Task Force Omega Tier IV)
– Energy Refrequencer (Iconian Resistance Tier 2)
– Radiant Detonation Matrix (Iconian Resistance Tier 4)

Active Reputation
– Quantum Singularity Manipulation (New Romulus Tier 5)
– Bio-Molecular Shield Generator (New Romulus Tier 5)
– (irrelevant ground rep ability for now)
– (irrelevant ground rep ability)

Protonic Polaron weapons: Have a 25% chance on critical to deal extra shield penetrating damage
Thoron Infused Polaron weapons: Have a 5% chance to deal (shield penetrating) radiation damage, crit debuffs and placate effects
Omega Graviton Amplifier: In effect, adds an extra 2.5% chance to proc shield penetrating Kinetic damage to your weapons
Radiant Detonation Matrix: In effect adds an extra 2.5% chance to proc 1km (shield penetrating) radiation damage to your weapons
EACH Shield refrequencer has two effects:
– A 10% chance to apply a shield recharge effect when using any shield heal power
– A 10% chance to apply extra proton damage when using any exotic damage or shield drain power
Having 4 of these means 4 separate chances for each effect to trigger, and allows up to 4 of them to trigger at the same time.

Why no Kinetic Cutting Beam?
The fact that it’s unaffected by beam abilities, and my build not being focused on Drain Expertise to rip shields off rapidly, means that the benefits of a Kinetic weapon aren’t as strong here. The 2 set bonus with the Module is also nice, but I don’t feel it’s worth breaking one of the other sets and the procs and bonuses they grant to all my weapons.

Why single Cannons?
The 180 degree fire arc means that I have a greater flexibility to trigger and keep a Scatter Volley on target. Since this is usually synced with dropping a Gravity Well, and I often need to get my face out of that mosh pit, these are an ideal mixture of arc and damage output. The single cannons are also compatible with the normal Science vessels, making it a good “cheap” option for new players!

Setting an ability which is otherwise configured to automatically trigger as often as possible disables this aspect, and enforces manual activation.

– On the L2 button, set Brace For Impact and use this ability as often as you can while dealing damage. The +15% damage bonus from the Unconventional Tactics (Strategist) trait coupled with the heal over time make this amazing.
– I usually keep the Scatter Volley on the circle button, so I can manually trigger this when the time is right.
– Tractor Beam 3 is on manual, and used to lock a target ship in place when it’s in the middle of a group, helps maximize the usefulness of the scatter volley cone, and with my high CtrlX, most ships…stop.

Power configuration is set to max Auxiliary and comes to about 130. Weapons tops out at about 72 as a result if I recall correctly. You can run max Weapons power instead, which also works well but shortens the times and damage for the wells, tractor, and radiation procs.

Cannons and Beams together – are you insane?
I am indeed. This is not usually the best solution, but in this case very deliberately done to gain all the stacked bonuses from the sets, and gives a higher damage potential as I turn to bring the single cannons to bear for another volley. The 180 degree arc on the cannons and the 250 arc on the rear beams also means I haves some broadside crossover still. Finally, I need at least one beam anyway to use my subsystem targeting attacks.


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